Press conference – Land take Tools presentation

3 July 2019

Eu event july 2019


Save the date!

LANDSUPPORT Press Conference – Launching an operational #tool to challenge #LandTake at the European Scale

Brussels, July 3rd, 12 am

The Land Take tool will be presented and launched through a press conference on 3 July 2019.
The Press Conference will demonstrate the way ahead for better #SpatialPlanning in our European rural landscape. The Press Conference will see the contributions of #agriculture and #soil experts (from the #landsupport project), European and National Associations of Spatial planners (ECTP, INU) and National Public Authorities (ISPRA) having a specific role in land take monitoring.

Are you interested in joining? Do you want to know more! Please contact us!

#LandUseTalks #ProtectingOurLand


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