4th LANDSUPPORT General Assembly went online again!

For the second year in a row, the LANDSUPPORT team could not meet in person, and the 4th General Assembly meeting was organized online by project partner MODIS. And they did a good job, by balancing presentations, discussions and fun activities across three half days, from June 28th to 30th.

This GA came about at a key moment of the LANDSUPPORT project: three years have already come by, and several tools are becoming available for testers and users. Besides, we are entering the final project year, and this requires a careful planning of activities, including the development of the final version of the tools and their promotion around Europe.

But even online, it was not only work-work-work, and we could also have some fun. Some pioneer LANDSUPPORT users made some videos to tell us about their experiences with LANDSUPPORT out there in the real world – for example, a local guide is using the dedicated tool to develop itineraries for ecotourists in Campania. During storytelling videos, we were happy to learn about the experiences that pioneer Landsupport users had with the tools applied in the real world. For example..Their positive feedback motivate us further to pursue our goals!

 To bring faraway team members closer to each other, MODIS divided us in groups and organized a quiz with questions about the five continents – to give us a bit of a travel feeling despite restrictions.

The next virtual GA is planned for October 26, 2021. The final GA meeting –  the one closing the project – will be in Naples next spring – where we hope to meet in person after such a long time.