The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of 4 experts representing the key aspects of activities of the project. They ensure a high standard of research and monitor the progress of the project by taking part in the annual General Assembly meetings.

The Scientific Advisory Board Members represent leaders in the fields of land policy, land modelling, sustainable agriculture and geospatial databases.

SAB members (area of expertise between brackets)

  • Helena Gomez Macpherson -Deputy Director IAS-CSIC – Spain. (Sustainable agriculture and food security),
  • Johan Bouma Emeritus Prof. at University of Wageningen –The Netherlands. (Land evaluation and land policy);
  • Kris Van Looy OVAM Flemish Waste, Material and Soil Agency – Belgium. (Soil system modelling);
  • Monika Rusztecka Head of the GIS Unit UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre in Poland -Data Advisor (geospatial databases, data privacy and data standardization).