A workshop in Hungary, to present the Landsupport tools

A series of workshops have been implemented these last months to present the Landsupport tools to local stakeholders and potential users, in three countries: Italy, Austria and Hungary. The most recent one took place on July 28 in Zala County, Hungary.

Representants from the Local Government of Zala County presented several tools available on the Landsupport platform: tool A “Ameliorate implementation land policies “, tool B “Climate resilient agriculture”, tool D “CAP institutions”, tool E “Cross-compliance and conditionality”, tool F “Improve ecosystem services”, tool H Forestry”, tool M “Green infrastructure” and tool O “Sustainable tourism”), with 5 cross-thematic focuses: (1) Agrotourism – Label of your farm, (2) Gain of Ecosystem services, (3) New urban development, (4) Fragmentation and (5) Land-general climatic anomalies.


In total, 9 selected participants took part in these discussions. The workshop also served to identify additional stakeholders that would be interested in getting information on the results of the LANDSUPPORT project.