Become a land supporter and ACT FOR LAND!


In the European Union, 1908 m2 of fertile soil are lost for ever every second, degraded by a wide range of human activities such as poor land management, unsustainable agricultural and forestry practices, pollution, soil sealing, biodiversity loss and climate change.

Many policies are in place to protect European soils, but their implementation is often complex and frustrating also due to technical difficulties – and this is the reason why Member States are not currently on track to meet the European commitments related to soil and land protection.

Now, we have two good news. The first one, you probably now it by now: the LANDSUPPORT project is implementing an innovative, web-based, free-of-charge platform aimed at supporting decision making for agriculture, forestry, environmental sustainability and land management, and it includes two tools specifically dedicated to land take and land degradation.

The second good news is that every citizen can make the difference! The LANDSUPPORT project is promoting the ACT FOR LAND advocacy campaign: by subscribing to the campaign, you can call out for mayors and public authorities in Europe for taking urgent, unprecedented action for soil protection. You can ask public authorities to develop strategies for effective land conservation – also with the help of the LANDSUPPORT platform, and to join the movement “Communes for Land”, gathering local administrations committed to land protection which will receive free support and guidance for the use of LANDSUPPORT tools.

Joining our pledge is simple, all you need to do is visit and click on “Join us”.
We are looking forward to welcoming you among us land supporters