LANDSUPPORT final conference

After a long period in which COVID has prevented us from getting together in person, LANDSUPPORT has held its final conference face-to-face in the beautiful Royal Palace of the University of Naples Federico II in Portici, Italy, on 26 April 2022 and the Save Our Soils Workshop on 27 – 28 April 2022.

These final events consisted of a 1-day internal project meeting, followed by a 2-day event – the Save Our Soils workshop – which welcomed a variety of stakeholders and high-level experts in the field of agriculture, land take and land degradation, urban planning and biodiversity, just to name a few. The objective was to present the results of the project, encourage participants to explore and disseminate the results of the project and facilitate discussions on how to better approach soil health at the interface of science-policy and cluster with other EU projects to achieve this goal. The event touched upon three many areas: i) agriculture, ii) land take and land degradation, and iii) biodiversity and ecotourism. It offered a balanced programme with presentations combined with open discussions and roundtables, demos and poster sessions, to find the best solutions to protect our essential resource: the soils. Discussions on the  final policy insights of LANDSUPPORT and its long-term sustainability were at the core of the event. The presentations and discussions will be summarized in a final report which will be released soon.

During this 3-day event, LANDSUPPORT was described a visionary project several times. It is the aim of LANDSUPPORT to take this vision further and ensure the suitability and further development of the platform to keep reaching its high societal and environmental impact and support Europe in making better decision for land and soil