LANDSUPPORT flew to Dubai Expo!

On March 14th, LANDSUPPORT researcher Angelo Basile was in the Dubai expo to discuss about technologies for agriculture, based on experiences gathered within LANDSUPPORT, in the context of the Forum on “LAND – CITY – SEA – SCAPE INTELLIGENCE – MULTIDISCIPLINARY AND SYSTEMIC APPROACHES FOR THE RATIONAL USE OF RESOURCE AND SUSTAINABILITY” hosted by the Italy Pavillon.

The event aimed at presenting projects and exchanging knowledge between scholars and researchers from the Italian National Research Council and researchers from the United Arab Emirates.

The audience consisted of young researchers, Italian scholars and researchers from the Emirates, investors and companies, stakeholders and institutional representatives.

The video on the LANDSUPPORT project, shown by Angelo Basile, raised participants’ interest, which asked whether such complex system could be used by non-expert operators and distributed in a quick and easy way. “LANDSUPPORT tools are aimed at filling the gaps between data availability and their use”, Basile replied. “Our S-DSS system is a completely free infrastructure whose complexity is hidden to the end-user” he continued, this highlighting one of the key strength of the LANDSUPPORT platform. He then showed a practical example on how a farmer can compare different crop combinations in terms of yield, N-leached and SOC change alternative practices, as tillage, irrigation and crop change.

The streaming of the event were broadcasted on the Commissariat’s Youtube and Facebook channels: