Let’s talk about land – LANDSUPPORT goes live!


A series of live round tables with LANDSUPPORT experts and guests, to discuss today’s policy and management challenges and how LANDSUPPORT tool can contribute in addressing them.

Watch them on our YouTube channel : https://cutt.ly/Landsupport-youtube

May 6th, 10 am

Land take: from tools to land management and agricultural policies. National perspectives from Italy and Hungary

with Gergely Tóth (iASK), Michele Munafò (ISPRA), Giuliano Langella (UNINA-CRISP) and Domenico Moccia (INU)

May 20th, 10 am

Modelling agricultural production: the ARMOSA model and the viticulture tool

with Alessia Perego (UNIMI) and Stefano Brenna (Lombardia Region) and Antonello Bonfante (ISAFOM-CNR)

May 27th, 10 am

Sistemi di supporto alla decisione nella pianificazione regionale: opportunità e prospettive (in Italian)

with Amedeo D’Antonio (Campania Region), Piero Manna (ISAFOM-CNR) and Carlo De Michele (ARIESPACE)

June 24th, 10 am

How a DSS can support (and strengthen) the implementation of the Pesticides and Nitrates Directives in Europe?

with Angelo Basile and Marialaura Bancheri (ISAFOM-CNR), Harald Loishandl-Weisz (Austrian Environment Agency)

October 20th, 10 am

Forest modelling today: geographical scales, data sources and applications to the real world

Gina Marano, Polytechnic of Zurich; Aleksandar Dujakovic, BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences; Vienna Jernej Jevšenak, Slovenian Forestry Institute