SDAE (2nd édition) Statistical analysis of spatial data for the environment and the agro-ecosystem


The international summer school on “Statistical analysis of spatial Data in Agro-Environmental research” (SDAE, 2nd edition) will provide examples of the mostly used  statistical analysis of agro-environmental data at various scales, from plot over  catchment to regional scales.

Topics: Statistical analysis, advanced literature search and meta-analysis, data modelling (e.g., spatial mixed models, random forest, boosted regression trees), methods for covariate acquisition and selection, use of reference databases on land cover (CORINE land cover), soil (LUCAS and ESDAC-JRC products), as well as weather and climate data (MARS, WorldClim).

After the SDAE summer school, participants will be able to deal with spatial data (e.g., visualization, spatial references and projections, terrain analysis, modelling), and to use advanced literature analysis tools.

The school has received the support of the Italian Society of Agronomy (SIA) and the patronage of the Italian Association of Geomorphology and Physical Geography (AIGEO).

The school, it is organized into theoretical lessons in the morning and hands-on sessions in the afternoon with applications and case studies of agronomy, spatial data management, and terrain analysis. The course is dedicated to PhD students, young researchers, master students, professionals specialized in territorial analysis with numerical-statistical background.

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