Supporting zero net land take with the LANDSUPPORT tool

What are the consequences of urban and spatial planning choices on our soils? How can we orientate urban planning choices towards greater environmental sustainability?

The Land Take tool on the LANDSUPPORT platform can provide answers to these questions! The tools perform analysis based on a what-if logic, simulating the effects on land take of urban and spatial planning choices. It also provides insights on related issues such as for example land fragmentation, urban sprawl and expected changes in ecosystem services.

The tool can be a powerful instrument for urban planners, public administrations – including environmental agencies – and researchers. It is currently in its beta version, and it is being developed in cooperation with some potential users, such as for example the Italian High Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), which publishes every year the national report on land take in Italy. The tool is currently in his beta version and everyone can try it out and use it.

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