The LANDSUPPORT Winter School on Sustainable land management and Earth Critical Zone (ECZ) – Registrations are open!

The Earth’s Critical Zone (ECZ) is the near-surface environment at the interface between rock, soil, water, air and living organisms, and it regulates the natural habitat as well as the availability of life-sustaining resources. Understanding ECZ, and the interactions occurring within ECZ, is crucial for addressing today’s environmental and agricultural challenges – and this requires the integration of various scientific domains.

However, ECZ is seldom tackled in high-level trainings – and this is where LANDSUPPORT comes into play, offering an inter-disciplinary training opportunity to PhD students and young scientists – and in general, researchers that are interested in the topic will be welcome

The LANDSUPPORT Winter School will be held in Portici (Naples – Italy) on 14-18 February.

The 5-days training will guide students in developing a basic knowledge about (i) understanding and processing ECZ data as acquired by field observation, lab analysis and remote sensing techniques, Raster and vec­tor data, Datacube, (ii) understanding and processing ECZ modelling such as water flows and pollut­ants transport in the vadose zone-soil-plant-atmosphere system, crop growth, land take, etc. and (iii) the use of the outcoming resulting data to be employed for developing WEBGIS or S-DSS applications.

How to apply?

To ensure the best learning experience participation is limited to 30 participants. If you wish to participate, please register by 7 January 2022, following the instructions included in the attached pdf below.

The Winter School will be held in person but a hybrid system will be available in case COV­ID 19 will not enable students and lecturers to travel.

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