The latest publications by the LANDSUPPORT consortium


Have a look at the latest scientific articles by LANDSUPPORT team members:

  • Manna, P., Bonfante, A., Colandrea, M., Di Vaio, C., Langella, G., Marotta,M., Mileti, F.A., Minieri, L., Terribile, F., Vingiani, S., Basile, A., 2020. A geospatial decision support system to assist olive growing at the landscape scale. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 169.
  • Lal, R., Brevik, E.C., Dawson, L., Field, D., Glaser, B., Hartemink, A.E., Hatano, R., Lascelles, B., Monger, C., Scholten, T., Singh, B.R., Spiegel, H., Terribile, F., Basile, A., Zhang, Y., Horn, R., Kosaki, T., Reyes Sánchez, L.B., 2020. Managing Soils for Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Soil Systems MDPI 4, 46.
  • Basile, A., Albrizio, R., Autovino, D., Bonfante, A., de Mascellis, R., Terribile, F., Giorio, P., 2020. A modelling approach to discriminate contributions of soil hydrological properties and slope gradient to water stress in Mediterranean vineyards. Agricultural Water Management, Volume 241.