A tool to fight land take in Italy


As part of the LANDSUPPORT project, an innovative tool has been developed to combat Land Take throughout the Italian territory designed to support the decisions of administrations, urban planners and local communities and to raise awareness of this serious threat of degradation of the land in our country.

The Land Take tool allows you to get a geospatial knowledge about the soil sealing generated by recent urban expansion and by urban and territorial planning choices, to monitor the evolution and trend of land consumption in the selected period and to better plan the territory by taking into account the gain or loss of ecosystem services.

The workshop, organized by ISPRA as part of the LANDSUPPORT project (coordinated by CRISP, University of Naples Federico II) and which sees the collaboration of INU (National Urban Planning Institute), will be held on Wednesday 26 May at 9:30 am and will illustrate these tools and their strategic importance for sustainable territorial and urban planning.