A tool to support sustainable viticulture


Among the many tools available on LANDSUPPORT platform the Viticulture tool is designed to assist winemakers, consortia and wine cooperatives in the management and planning of sustainable viticulture that is well suited to the potential of their specific territories, including in relation to soil conservation.

it is indeed possible to know, of a free drawn area, the environmental characteristics and the viticultural zoning, the values, and their spatial variability of some bioclimatic indexes important for a sustainable planning and management of vineyards and for the production of quality wines, and to obtain a support to plan wine tourism routes.

The workshop, organized by the Campania Region as part of the LANDSUPPORT project, will be held on Thursday 3 June at 9:30 am and will illustrate this tool and its strategic importance for the sustainable planning and management of the wine-growing areas in Campania.