Launch the first version of the DSS Web Platform!

#breakingnews LANDSUPPORT Consortium launches the first version of the DSS Web Platform!

Ariespace  of the WP5 for the Implementation of the LANDSUPPORT Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure announced the launch of alpha version of the Graphical User Interface. Built upon experience gained through numerous previous successful projects, the LANDSUPPORT Web Platform leverages the flexibility and performance of the original coding developed by several researchers.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been implemented as a modular dashboard: system administrators and users will be able to configure the GUI to adapt the systems to distinct contexts and user requirement. The system will contain about 100 DSS tools addressing #agriculture#environment and #spatialplanning. Ariespace – in close interaction with all other WP5 research partners – has developed a GIS-like GUI based on different framework and libraries. Through the GUI, users can see data for selected periods and for their area of interest and then they can access to data (WP2) modelling (WP3) and services (WP4) provided by the LANDSUPPORT Project. Results are visualized as maps, tables and reports with export capabilities and comparisons between different scenarios.

The web platform will be shown at the next LANDSUPPORT general assembly hosted in Balatongyörök, Hungary at the end of May.