Team members

M. Sc. Gloria De Paoli
Ph. D. Pierre Strosser
Nicolas Weiller
Ph. D. Rianne van Duinen
Ph. D. Sarah Loudin

Created in 2003, ACTeon is a human size (20 staff members) research and consultancy company specialized in the “soft” dimensions of environmental policy, including for example social assessment, economics, institutions & governance, facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes. ACTeon’s activities cover a wide range of environmental policy domains, such as water, the link between agriculture & the environment, biodiversity, marine resources, renewable energy, climate change and adaptation.

ACTeon is involved in research and consultancy projects at the local, regional, national and European scales. It works for local authorities and environmental/water agencies, national ministries and international organizations such as the European Commission, the European Environment Agency or the OECD. The geographic focus of ACTeon’s activities is the European Union and its neighbouring regions, in particular the Mediterranean Sea region and the Caucasus region.

In LANDSUPPORT, ACTeon leads participation, communication and dissemination activities. It also leads Task 1.3 on the ex-ante assessment of the project value added (WP1), as well as Task 3.6 on modeling ecosystem services.