Team members

MA Kathrin Prebeck
Dr. Anca Florea

Modis is a community made up of the world’s brightest minds in Life Sciences, IT and Engineering. Our Professionals have the skills and passion to answer the complex challenges of doing business in today’s dynamic world. Innovative technologies are transforming the way we perform research, develop and market new products, deliver care, communicate with society, and adhere to regulations.

Modis (now being the trademark of CMAST bvba) will support the Coordinator UNA in all WP8-related tasks, including project coordination and management, controlling, contractual, communication and research management and further support in WP7 Communication, Dissemination and Stakeholder Participation.

Our recent project engagements summarise as follows:

  • 20 IMI JU projects
  • Various large consortium projects (e.g. H2020)
  • Other funding agencies (BARDA, NIH, BMGF, WHO, BioAster, VLAIO, IWT)

With a thorough understanding of academic as well as industrial Life Sciences research environments, Modis is able to form a neutral “bridge” between the various stakeholders’ needs and facilitate the joint effort towards high-quality project outcomes.