Team members

Dr. Michele Munafo
Dr. Marco Di Leginio
Dr. Ines Marinosci
Dr. Marina Vitullo
Dr. Alessandra Attanasio
Dr. Astrid Raudner
Dr. Francesca Assennato
Dr. Mariangela Soraci
Dr. Tiziana Del Monte
Dr Angelo Pecci

ISPRA is a public body, with technical, scientific, organizational, managerial, administrative and financial autonomy, subject to the vigilance of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. It is the institutional and technical-scientific reference point for the whole country in environmental and land monitoring and information fields.

ISPRA has a long-term experience in land monitoring, land take/soil sealing monitoring, land degradation studies and reporting, with emphasis on in-situ observations with state-of-the-art infrastructure and synergies with remote sensing (ground based and satellite). As the Eionet National Reference Centre for spatial analysis and land cover, ISPRA coordinates the Italian National System for Environmental Protection (SNPA), where Regional and Provincial Environmental Protection Agencies are the reference agencies at local level.

ISPRA has a major role in modeling activities within WP3, and it is also involved in several other WPs.