Team members

Judit Pump
Petra Stankovics
Gergely Tóth
Virág Zugfil-Maletics
Bálint Tóth

The Institute of Advanced Studies (iASK) Kőszeg was founded in 2015 and according to its mission it aims to conduct socially relevant, applicable research as well as basic research mostly in the social sciences. The institute focuses on four main umbrella topics: (i) sustainable urban and regional development; (ii) current global economic, social and political transformations; (iii) the interdisciplinary studies; and (iv) regional social innovation with focus on education, health and cultural management. The research focuses on the development and integration of mathematical modeling, machine learning, process mining, network science and open data techniques to support the understanding of complex socioeconomic systems and the analysis of the sustainability of technical and social systems.

The Data Science team is involved in several research projects including the development of monitoring systems for complex processes, providing an additional viewpoint to the socioeconomic analysis of regional development (including the creative cities and sustainable regions) by studying how networks of organizations relate to settlement hierarchy. Combining text and data mining, researchers develop novel analytical approaches to evaluate models and strategic documents related to the problem of sustainability. In order to support evidence based public policy, novel techniques for data-driven development of education and public health systems are being worked out.

Within LANDSUPPORT, iASK is involved on WP1, where it focuses on socio-economic issues, WP2 and WP7.