Team members

Prof. Fabio Terribile – Lead
Prof. Paola Adamo
Prof. Domenico Calcaterra
Prof. Luigi Cembalo
Prof. Gianni Cicia
Prof. Pantaleone De Vita
Dr. Giuliano Langella
Dott. Gina Marano
Dr. Antonio Mileti
Dr. Luciana Minieri
Prof. Francesco Domenico Moccia
Prof. Marco Pacciarelli
Dr. Loredana Randazzo
Prof. Simona Vingiani
Dr Carla Cavallo

CRISP is an Interdepartmental Centre of University of Napoli Federico II specifically devoted to transdisciplinary research in Geospatial Decision Support System also incorporating the Earth Critical Zone concept (Regolith-Soil-Plant-Atmosphere) and addressing applications in sustainable agriculture and environment.

It is constituted by scientists from four different Departments of University of Napoli Federico II: Agricultural (DIA), Earth Science (DISTAR), Architecture (DIARC) and Humanistic Studies .

CRISP activities include soil mapping, geographical database, Land Evaluation, hydropedology, soil spatial variability, applied geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, mineralogy, soil degradation studies. In addition CRISP activities include agriculture economics, urban Planning and environmental archeology. All the above trans-disciplinary research aims at developing applications towards web-based Decision Support Systems.

The CRISP centre takes advantage of highly selected transdisciplinary professionals within the University of Napoli and implements this transdisciplinary research potential into operational Geospatial Decision Support System using the powerful approach of Geospatial CyberInfrastructure architecture. CRISP team has obtained both international scientific credit and much contract work to handle practical landscape issues.

Professor Fabio Terribile is the Director of CRISP as well as LANDSUPPORT coordinator. As the coordinator, CRISP is actively involved in all project Work Packages