Research spinoff Rasdaman GmbH was established in 2003 for commercializing the Rasdaman technology which effectively has pioneered Array Databases and is world technology leader in this domain. In 2008, Rasdaman GmbH has disclosed part of its product to establish the open-source Rasdaman community version in parallel to the commercial Rasdaman enterprise version, adopting a dual-licensing model.

Downward compatible rasdaman enterprise comprises highly effective performance boosters, extra functionality, and convenience utilities. For both versions the company offers support, development, and maintenance. Installations of rasdaman enterprise can be found, e.g., with ECMWF, MEEO (700+ TB), AWI, NCI Australia, etc. Further, the company is outstandingly active and successful in developing international datacube standards, such as ISO Array SQL and the OGC Big Datacube suite, Coverage Implementation Schema (CIS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS) which is also adopted by INSPIRE and under ad-option by ISO (OGC CIS ISO DIS 19123-2). The CEO has been invited to overhaul ISO 19123.

The rasdaman technology has received numerous innovation awards. ESA in 2017 has announced that “The RASDAMAN product is currently the world leading environment in this domain and the standard working horse for OGC standardisation on these innovative data access interfaces.” As such, rasdaman is a critical component for European technology independence.

In LANDSUPPORT, the company will lead WP2; it will also deploy, interface, and support the raster data management component, and continue shaping Big Data standards.