Team members

Prof. Dr. Peter Baumann
Dr. Dimitar Misev
Heike Hoenig

Research spinoff Rasdaman GmbH has been established for commercializing the pioneer datacube technology, rasdaman (“raster data manager”). Following the invention of datacube services by the team back in 1992, theoretical foundations, datacube query language, and architecture have been laid out culminating in the full-stack array database system implementation which today is unsurpassed in its combination of flexibility, performance, and scalability; ESA in 2017 has characterized rasdaman as “the world-leading tool”. The multi-award winning engine defines not only the state of the art, but is also blueprint for the Big Datacube standards in OGC and ISO.

In the LANDSUPPORT project, rasdaman GmbH leads WP2, the common data platform development, and contributes the raster service component. Further, the company will continue shaping Big Data standards.