Team members

Anita Kelemen
Veronika Kárpáti
László Szabó, PhD
Mátyás Árvai

Zala County Self-Government (ZCG) is a county-level public authority in south-western Hungary, based in the county’s capital Zalaegerszeg. According to the new territorial planning system in Hungary counties have major role in the planning and implementation of territorial development programmes, defining the key EU funded development projects. As the responsible authority, ZCG plays a key role in the spatial planning as well and among its general tasks ZCG elaborated the Spatial Plan of Zala County (accepted by the General Assembly of Zala County). The purpose of the regulation is to determine the conditions for the usage of the land in certain areas of Zala County, for the coordinated spatial order of the technical infrastructure networks, in the view of sustainable development of the region and the preservation of the territorial, landscape, natural, ecological and cultural conditions, as well as the protection and the sustainable use of natural resources.

ZCG’s main task in LANDSUPPORT is the practical testing of the main project outputs, like in the framework of the project developed web-based tool which can be connected our existing geographical evaluation systems (e.g. golden crown evaluation).