Team members

Prof. Gergely Tóth
Dr. Tamás Hermann
Piroska Kassai
Anett Gyöngyösi

The Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia is the first regular agricultural higher education institution on the Continent of Europe (established in 1797), and it performs extensive international research programs in soil and environmental sciences, land use, plant production as well as agro-informatics. The Department of Soil Science and Environmental Informatics  is in charge of postgraduate programs on soil science and precision agriculture and is involved in a wide scale of graduate, postgraduate and PhD programs on the field of agronomy and environmental sciences. Main research topics include soil resources assessment with a focus on soil fertility and land evaluation, soil degradation processes, precision farming and application of IT technologies in land resources assessment.

The Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia carries out basic and applied research and development in the field of agricultural sciences, participates in the dissemination of professional and scientific knowledge, and works in cooperation with organisations involved in agriculture, the food industry, rural development, environment protection and sustainable development, at both national and international levels. It is also the main organizer and host of the global Land Quality conference series, which brings top land scientist to Keszthely every four years.

In LANDSUPPORT  The Georgikon Faculty lead testing and validation activities of the DSS under Work Package 6, and it significantly involved in all other WPs.