Team members

Dr. Angelo Basile
Dr. Antonello Bonfante
Dr. Roberto De Mascellis
Prof. Antonio Coppola
Dr. Piero Manna
Dr. Giorgio Matteucci

The Institute of Mediterranean Agriculture and Forestry (ISAFOM), part of CNR (Italy), focuses on the development and valorization of a sustainable, innovative agri-food system; it was established in 2001 and it has a staff of 89 people. CNR-ISAFOM mission is to investigate biophysical processes in agro-system environments for improving the productivity of agriculture and forests through a sustainable land use. Its skills include the development of tools for water and vegetation resources management, innovation of agro-food and forestry production, effects of the atmosphere and climate change on agricultural and forestry systems.

Temporal and spatial multi-scale crop and soil management is the largest transversal research topic, which includes: (i) the primary production of southern Italy strategic crops in relation with stability and quality of yield, by addressing on the optimization of the resources use and tolerance to abiotic stresses; (ii) traceability of some products (oil, wine); (iii) environmental sustainability of agricultural production; (iv) adaptation of irrigated and rain-fed agriculture to climate change; (v) precision farming based on site-specific characteristics. These topics are often investigated by applying physically-based models of the natural and agricultural systems coupled with advanced numerical techniques of geo-referenced data.

In LANDSUPPORT, CNR-ISAFOM coordinates Work Package 3 on the development of high performance models. CNR-ISAFOM also has a major role in WP2 and WP4, and it support CRISP in project coordination tasks.